Contents (as at 23rd May 2016)


1.         Road Activity Management

            1.1     Road Transportation Asset Management Guidelines   

            1.2     Unsealed Roads Tactical Asset Management Guide             

2.         Asset Data

            2.1     Traffic Counting Guideline

              2.2    Traffic Counting Supplement

3.         Condition Assessment and Performance Monitoring

            3.1     High Speed Condition Assessment Guideline

 Table of Survey Suppliers (as at May 2015)

            3.2     Specification for Road Condition Data Collection Services - Version 2 minor updates to be published 2015/16

                         Please note: This is a Word document intended for use as a template

            3.3     Data Collection and Monitoring of NZ Road Bridges                       

            3.4     Pavement Strength Testing

                      Part I - Network Asset Management

                      Part II - Project Level    

            3.5     Network Condition Assessment Guide - 2016/17 Project                                            

4.         Levels of  Service                                                                                                

5.         Lifecycle Management and Asset Management Practices 

            5.1     Treatment Selection Algorithm - Future Project

6.         Financial Planning and Reporting

             6.1    Road Asset Maintenance Cost Guidelines

7.         Risk Assessment and Management (Updated October 2014)

             7.1    Best Practice Guideline for Risk Management on Road Networks

8.         Asset Management Information Systems Asset Systems
             8.1    Asset Management Information Systems - To be published 2015/16                                                    

RIMS would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of IPWEA NZ and the RCA Forum for the the creation and updating of these documents.

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