Ranjith de Silva and Royce Greaves: Auckland Transport Database Operations Manual Update

Filmed March 2013, RIMS Forum, Wellington, New Zealand

 About the Speakers

Ranjith is a qualified Civil Engineering professional with experience in management of roading infrastructure in urban and rural environments. His expertise includes taking asset management decisions for managing and protecting of roading and public transport assets, managing consultants & contractors and auditing RAMM for quality assurance. Since 2005, Ranjith has been working in both private and public organisations and exposing him to New Zealand local government regulatory environment in relation to roading asset management.

At present, Ranjith works as an Asset Systems & Monitoring Engineer with Auckland Transport.

His qualifications include M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (UK), Project Management (Canterbury University, New Zealand) and National Diploma in Technology and Civil Engineering (Sri Lanka)



Royce is a Senior Asset Manager and chartered professional engineer with over 13 years experience working in asset information management. During this time Royce has worked closely with an increasing number of clients to improve their information management systems with the ultimate aim of enhancing their overall asset management practices.  Royce has had extensive experience in the collection, management and analysis of RAMM data, and has implemented several measures across a range of projects to improve the quality, accuracy and completeness of the asset register.

Royce is currently working towards a National Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management, and in his spare time can be found in the Tasman Bay catching fish and diving for scallops and crays.


 Talk Description

Auckland Transport Database Operations Manual (ATDOM) Update:  This presentation provides conference attendees with an update of what has been produced to date, the review process, and what the future actions are. The ATDOM was spawned out of the merging of 7 local authority databases as part of the "Supercity" policy.  The 7 legacy databases had been populated by a range of different suppliers using a range of different methods and practices.

Following merging, the net result was a huge asset register with varying degrees of consistency and completeness across the assets.  The ATDOM aims to establish a consistent framework for which all future data will be collected, and existing and new data maintained.  The ATDOM is the first of its kind, a local authority specific document that aims to bridge the gap between local authority information management requirements and the current document State Highway Database Operations Manual (SHDOM) which is really only applicable to State Highway corridors.


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