Mike Tapper (Beca): Database Health for Auckland Transport

Filmed March 2013, RIMS Forum, Wellington, New Zealand

 About the Speaker

Mike is a Technical Director at Beca with 20 years experience in road maintenance and asset management.  Mike is Beca's Team Leader for the Road Asset Management Contract for the Auckland Transport South area network.





 Mike has also managed a number of road asset management projects for State Highway and Local Authority Networks.  Mike has also been project manager for two NZTA asset management research projects into visual condition rating and network performance monitoring and levels of service.  These have been undertaken in conjunction with the University of Auckland.

 Talk Description

In conjunction with the Asset Management team at Auckland Transport (AT), Beca developed a database health index to assess confidence levels within the AT RAMM database.  The index enables AT to identify strengths and weaknesses in their database, prioritise improvements and track corresponding database changes.  It gives AT a comprehensive understanding of their asset database health in an simple one page visual based report.  This results in improved value for money in setting database improvement programmes and improved decision making and analysis through better understanding of available data.


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